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These are a few of my favorite free (or free-ish) travel tools

  1. Worldgrazer Where I go for travel inspiration

  2. The Points Guy How I choose my credit cards

  3. TripIt Where I organize my travel

  4. AwardWallet How I track my miles nad points

  5. Kayak Where I price air travel

  6. Hipmunk Where I price time-sensitive flights

  7. FlightTrack Pro How I make it to all my flights

  8. Global Entry How I cut security and immigration lines

  9. Wikitravel How I find what to do

  10. TripAdvisor How I find where to stay and to eat

  11. Uber How I get around cheaply and effortlessly

  12. iPhone How I take my pictures*

* neither free nor free-ish

Links for the [aspiring] linguists out there

  1. Omniglot Learn to read pretty much everything

  2. Language Log A cool, technical language blog

  3. Slate | Lexicon Valley A podcast on English and how we use it

  4. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) The universal way to transcribe sounds

  5. Rosetta Stone The gold standard for language learning

  6. Google Translate Instant translation

When you need a smile or a laugh

  1. TED talks: Stacey Kramer Inspiration for when you’re feeling down

  2. The Oatmeal Online comic o’ wonders

  3. The Onion Brilliant satire

  4. 27b/6 Relentless Australian sarcasm master

  5. Open Heart Project Guided 10-minute meditations for beginners

  6. Jaden Smith’s Twitter Perplexing wisdom from a celebrity’s child

  7. Babies eating lemons for the first time YouTube at its finest

Other links & things I love on the interwebs

  1. Daily Infographic Learn random facts & stats through infographics

  2. Mint Track your balances and spending for free

  3. Bellroy Keep your hard-earned cash in their stylish, slimline wallets

  4. Evernote Organize your to-dos and contacts

  5. Frank & Oak Modern casual menswear

  6. Berkshire Hathaway A Fortune 500 company with inspirational webdesign

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